Vehicle Exhaust Repair & Replacement Services

Your car exhaust is an essential part of your vehicle, which needs to be in good working condition as this could help save you on fuel economy. Your vehicle exhaust pipe could also help reduce CO2 emissions if it is working properly.

Having your exhaust in good working condition, will reduce any unnecessary harm to yourself as the driver, your passengers, pedestrians etc.


Full Inspection

At LLS, we can carry out a full inspection of your exhaust, if you suspect any problems with your vehicle exhaust pipe. We will fully inspect your vehicle for the following;

  • Catalytic converter
  • Corrosion
  • Physical damage
  • Leads from joints
  • Any dangerous fumes

* Prices start at: £55
* All prices are: Plus VAT



What’s included

FREE Exhaust Inspection

We offer a FREE inspection of your vehicle and will advice you on whether you need an exhaust replacement or repairs.

Reliable Service

Our team is very friendly, honest and reliable. We have many years of serving our happy customers and would be delighted to meet your needs.

Fully Qualified Team

We are fully qualified and have many years of experience to advice you or carry out any repairs or replacements needed.

Get In Touch

If you have reason to think that your exhaust is not working properly, please reach out to us for a through inspection. You can do so by booking an appointment with us below.